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peyton, genevieve, & isabella | sisters

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Two months ago I had the opportunity to rent some studio equipment for a corporate photoshoot. Luckily the rental was for one week, so I setup my garage as an impromptu studio to test the equipment. Who better to test out my setup but the neighborhood children.

Peyton, Genevieve, & Isabella are our neighborhoods adorable girl squad. They ride around on their bikes and razor scooters nearly every day. We’ve gotten to know the girls very well over the two years we have lived here and this is because all three of them absolutely love visiting with our pugs. Unfortunately for them their father is highly allergic to dogs, so our pugs serve as their surrogate pets.

Equipemnt used: AlienBees Ringlight ABR800 into an umbrella, and two Canon Speedlights